: Joint Aerial Layered Network Tactical Communications System


JALN TCS provides a persistent, IP-based aerial infrastructure that extends communications across the battlefield from an airborne platform.

JALN image

JALN TCS bridges disparate radio systems, relays voice and data communications, creates communication conference patches between radios and common phone systems, provides Link 16 and SADL access, integrates Naval Automatic Identification System (AIS) data and spreads the Common Operational Picture (COP) to users over a wide operational area.

All of these capabilities are provided in a small, light-weight, modular airborne package capable of being installed in a variety of manned and unmanned airborne hosts flying for long durations. The system can be shelved, racked, housed in rugged cases for a “roll-on, roll-off” capability and individually mounted or podded to hang on the exterior of the aircraft.

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