Latest News : ATS' CSOA software toolkit recognized

Our Combat Service Oriented Architecture (CSOA) software toolkit received recognition as a finalist in the technology category at the Austin Chamber of Commerce annual business awards. The CSOA toolkit, which allows Advanced Tactical Systems (ATS) to create new products quickly and affordably, is a foundation for real-time information sharing, providing software developers with a simple yet powerful framework to avoid rewriting the same infrastructure software over and over. Through CSOA, developers focus on their specialized domain issues—central to their problems—and do not spend their time building infrastructure to configure, start up and exchange data.

The layered approach of CSOA, coupled with our Agile software development practices, has helped improved the stability and frequency of product releases. In fact, using CSOA, release cycles are measured in months instead of years. The CSOA-enabled Advanced Fusion and Tracking System (AFTS)TM has already significantly out sold earlier AFTS versions.

And, we have now used CSOA as the software foundation for two more new products: Link 16 Proxy and the Variable Message Format (VMF) Proxy. The Link 16 Proxy allows our Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI)® system to connect to and control a Link 16 radio that is located miles away from it. The VMF Proxy communicates with military units like vehicles and helicopters using the VMF message standard and creates track information that the ADSI® system can process and display.

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