Latest News : Ultra Delivers Virtual Real-time Tactical Command and Control Application

Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical Systems announces that it has made the first delivery of its Virtual Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI)™ to the Canadian Department of National Defence, reflecting Ultra’s successful migration of the proven ADSI application suite to a virtualized environment. This virtualization follows industry and military trends towards decreasing IT hardware infrastructure, with a focus on decreasing server footprints and power consumption while increasing overall security.

“Our customers need smaller and more energy efficient solutions with increased security, reliability and supportability. With this move to a virtual environment, Ultra is meeting its customers’ needs with the first working virtualized tactical data link C2 system.” says Todd Madden, program manager.

The Virtual ADSI uses the proven version 15 ADSI certified software baseline. Building on the delivery to Canada, Ultra is also contracted to supply enhanced Virtual ADSI systems for a critical US military program. This new system includes a wide variety of communication interfaces hosted in a separate interface appliance.

John McAlonan, Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical Systems President, commented, “Our delivery to Canada and our selection for the critical US military program vindicates the internal investment that we have made to progress our technology to reduce risk for our customers and ensure that our C2 systems continue to be the most reliable and robust systems available.”

Ultra Electronics, Advanced Tactical Systems specializes in designing, manufacturing and supporting tactical command and control systems, subsystems and products for defense and homeland security applications worldwide. Their products and services are used on aircraft, ships, submarines, vehicles, air operations centers and other key locations throughout the world.

Advanced Tactical Systems is part of Ultra Electronics , a Group of businesses which manage a portfolio of specialist capabilities, generating highly differentiated solutions and products in the defense & aerospace, security & cyber, transport and energy markets by applying electronic and software technologies in demanding and critical environments to meet customer needs.

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