Advanced Tactical Airborne System

ATAS 2018

Ready to meet the most demanding and rapidly changing mission requirements, the Advanced Tactical Airborne System (ATAS) provides the user with unprecedented flexibility to choose among various tactical interfaces. The ATAS combines the maturity and adaptability of Ultra’s certified tactical data link software in a flight-qualified Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) enclosure. The ATAS interfaces to nearly all MIDS and JTIDS airborne capable Link 16 terminals and supports MIL-STD-3011A SATCOM Link 16 as well as Satellite TADIL-J.

Additionally, the ATAS provides a Link 11 interface for connectivity with coalition forces. The ATAS supports single or multi-link operations. When operating with multiple tactical data links, the ATAS concurrent link operations capability allows the operator to establish redundant circuits that automatically fail-over from a higher priority interface to the next best available interface. The ATAS can also act as a data link forwarder. The integrated TacViewC2™ tactical situation display application provides a high-performance real-time display with selectable heading up or North up screen orientations.

For more information, please see the following ATAS datasheet: ATAS 2018

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