Advanced Correlation and Tracking System


Ultra understands that reliable and synchronized management of information on the battlefield is mission critical. That is why the Advanced Correlation and Tracking Systemâ„¢ (ACTS) combines ease-of-use, seamless sensor integration and high performance real-time tracking in a single solution.

The ACTS open architecture provides a wide variety of sensor interfaces and can easily be customized in the field to meet customer needs. Combined with a data link processor, this robust solution receives, forwards and displays tactical information from multiple inputs.

Key decision makers need real-time, high quality track information to support situational awareness and time-critical targeting.

To provide a high-performance tracking component in the ACTS products, Ultra partnered with Numerica Corporation, a world leader in network-centric tracking and data fusion.

The ACTS solution is capable of handling complex tracking environments, including closely spaced objects, highly maneuvering aircraft and dense clutter. It easily and seamlessly correlates tracks from multiple sensors into a Single Integrated Picture (SIP), resulting in unsurpassed track completeness, clarity and accuracy delivered in real time. The field-tested, adaptable and user-friendly ACTS solution inspires decision confidence. And decision confidence saves lives.

For more information, please see the ACTS datasheet

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