ForceWatch™ is a software application for people on the move. Users can navigate, see the location of themselves and other participants in their network, communicate, and share data. By creating a common picture among a group of users, ForceWatch provides geospatial awareness enabling the users to coordinate their activities.

Users can communicate either by voice or chat. With voice communications, an autodial tool makes it simple and quick to call another user without having to memorize or look up phone numbers. Chat removes the need for voice communications and is essential in noisy environments or where the communications voice channel is oversubscribed. Chat also gives the user a log of communications.

Geospatial awareness allows the team collaborators to track, report and share a person’s position and status. The ForceWatch application runs in the background. You can use your smart phone applications as needed and the ForceWatch application will continue to run, reporting and receiving data as needed.

The mobile device used by ForceWatch publishes its own location and may be remotely wiped and locked. The mobile device integrates your maps and uses open source mapping services such as Google or Bing. ForceWatch is designed for any network and is as secure as your bank account.

For more information, please see the ForceWatch datasheet at: ForceWatch Datasheet

Key benefits

  • Lost or stolen devices may be remotely wiped and locked and device reports its location
  • Mobile maps integration is open source with Google and Bing or with your own map server
  • Secure as any bank account as it uses AES-256 encryption
  • Any network is supported; uses IP-based, private, satellite and terrestrial-based radios
  • Team collaboration is enhanced. Users are up-to-date with geospatial awareness and can make decisions rapidly and accurately.
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