ADSI Version 15 Software

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Tactical data link and C2 software built for users Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI)® operators will recognize how we have implemented their recommendations in the next generation of ADSI® software, Version 15. The user interface is finally easy to use, intuitive and more responsive. Version 15 operational advantages allow warfighters to: Create, change or delete data links on-the-fly without bringing the ADSI system down Support up to 32 data link interfaces and 16,000 tracks Send

Advanced Correlation and Tracking System


Ultra understands that reliable and synchronized management of information on the battlefield is mission critical. That is why the Advanced Correlation and Tracking System™ (ACTS) combines ease-of-use, seamless sensor integration and high performance real-time tracking in a single solution. The ACTS open architecture provides a wide variety of sensor interfaces and can easily be customized in the field to meet customer needs. Combined with a data link processor, this robust solution receives, forwards and displays

Advanced Tactical Airborne System

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Ready to meet the most demanding and rapidly changing mission requirements, the Advanced Tactical Airborne System (ATAS) provides the user with unprecedented flexibility to choose among various tactical interfaces. The ATAS combines the maturity and adaptability of Ultra’s certified tactical data link software in a flight-qualified Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) enclosure. The ATAS interfaces to nearly all MIDS and JTIDS airborne capable Link 16 terminals and supports MIL-STD-3011A SATCOM Link 16 as well as Satellite TADIL-J. Additionally,

Air Defense Systems Integrator


The Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI) ® system is composed of a number of software and hardware modules—each addressing the specialized and varied needs of the real-time tactical decision maker. Delivered on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware, the ADSI ® software modules draw from a meticulously configuration-managed baseline. With more than 1000 ADSI system products installed worldwide, the combat-proven ADSI system remains unmatched in its ability to provide joint-certified tactical data link forwarding software combined with



ForceWatch™ is a software application for people on the move. Users can navigate, see the location of themselves and other participants in their network, communicate, and share data. By creating a common picture among a group of users, ForceWatch provides geospatial awareness enabling the users to coordinate their activities. Users can communicate either by voice or chat. With voice communications, an autodial tool makes it simple and quick to call another user without having to



The Halo system provides an accurate and convenient test environment for up to four data link processors with Satellite Tactical Digital Link J (S-TADIL J) or MIL-STD 3011A (3011A) Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) SATCOM capability. With nothing more than a simple serial connection to each data link processor, the Halo system simulates the interface to a SATCOM radio connected to a DAMA satellite network. The Halo system is light-weight and compact which preserves precious lab space; it


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Designed to support rapid integration into maritime combat management systems, Ultra’s Multi-Data Link Management System (MDLMS)™ is a certified, operationally fielded shipboard tactical datalink gateway that processes and forwards time critical information over 32 datalinks simultaneously. Based the same combat proven software used in over 1600 fielded Air Defense System Integrator (ADSI)® installations, the MDLMS supports Link 11, Link 16, MIL-STD 3011 Appendix A/C, Satellite TADIL-J, STANAG 5602 SIMPLE 11/16 and will add Link 22



The Tactical Airborne C3I Pod (TACPOD) ® provides a robust, non-invasive payload for tactical communications exchange in an airborne-qualified pod for external mounting to manned or unmanned aircraft. From Ground Operators at the Tactical Edge (GOTE) to convoys, command centers and other participating aircraft, multiple users will benefit as the TACPOD—with its Battlefield Integrated Gateway for Tactical Exchange (BIGTEX)™ software—relays, bridges, translates, distributes and manages current and legacy data, voice and video. From the lower



The TacViewC2™ software sets a new standard for mission-oriented, real-time tactical displays. Designed for the most demanding real-world requirements, the TacViewC2 software provides unprecedented flexibility and customization. Using a highly optimized interface, the TacViewC2 software displays thousands of tracks at a time with the real-time responsiveness needed to visualize the battlefield. With TacViewC2’s minimal network footprint, one has the scalability to add as many displays as needed without sacrificing performance. There is no limit to



The Ultra16™ system combines the maturity and flexibility of Ultra’s certified tactical data link software in a compact yet fully functional “headless” system. Ultra16 is a real-time tactical command and control system with Link 16 connectivity, designed for rapid deployment to the most demanding battlefield environments. Using interface applications adapted from the certified Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI) ® software baseline, this robust data communications system receives, forwards, and displays tactical information from multiple tactical

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