The Tactical Airborne C3I Pod (TACPOD) ® provides a robust, non-invasive payload for tactical communications exchange in an airborne-qualified pod for external mounting to manned or unmanned aircraft.

From Ground Operators at the Tactical Edge (GOTE) to convoys, command centers and other participating aircraft, multiple users will benefit as the TACPOD—with its Battlefield Integrated Gateway for Tactical Exchange (BIGTEX)™ software—relays, bridges, translates, distributes and manages current and legacy data, voice and video.

From the lower altitudes of the mid-tier aerial network, to the upper-tier at 65,000 to 70,000 ft. Mean Sea Level (MSL), the TACPOD provides communications relay and tactical data link gateway services over large, widely dispersed and often austere environments in support of our joint warfighters.

TACPOD enables warfighter information superiority and enhances communication between edge users and
theater commanders.


  • Weight: ~120 lbs
  • Power: ~500 W
  • Temperature: -40° C to +65° C
  • Altitude: Up to 70,000 ft. MSL
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