The TacViewC2™ software sets a new standard for mission-oriented, real-time tactical displays. Designed for the most demanding real-world requirements, the TacViewC2 software provides unprecedented flexibility and customization.

Using a highly optimized interface, the TacViewC2 software displays thousands of tracks at a time with the real-time responsiveness needed to visualize the battlefield. With TacViewC2’s minimal network footprint, one has the scalability to add as many displays as needed without sacrificing performance. There is no limit to monitor sizes and resolutions and the display window is customizable. Operators can choose whether windows float or are docked to a specific area of the window or can use multiple monitors.

For more information, please see the TacViewC2 datasheet TacViewC2 datasheet 2017


The 3D capabilities bring the map to life allowing the operator a clear visual picture. View the map in 2D or manipulate the map in 3D, rotating the views. 3D is especially useful with overlays and there is a wide array of overlay types to choose from. Alerts and overlays, combined with an array of user-configurable watch lists templates, allow monitoring of all critical areas.

The TacViewC2 software has a point-and-click interface with right-click menus and drag-and-drop interactions. Many of the windows and display attributes may be modified. To get information on a track, hover over the track with the cursor to get customizable critical information. Or, right-click to bring up a hook window that contains all of the system’s data on that track on one tab and a track zoom window on another tab. To send commands, simply drag one track on top of another track. The system understands and displays available options based on the track types. Once the operator selects the appropriate action from the drop-down menu, the system automatically creates and sends the appropriate tactical data link message.

The TacViewC2 software has built-in scenario generation to support simulations of tactical
maneuvers. This powerful feature allows the creation of mission scenarios for testing,
training, and demonstrations.

Terrain and satellite imagery may be imported to provide a realistic and detailed view of the operational area. The TacViewC2 software includes vector and raster maps and
a terrain database encompassing the globe.

Real-time tactical display with 3D capabilities

  • Intuitive point-and-click interface
  • 3D and 2D map display
  • Multiple track hook readouts
  • Customizable watch lists
  • Record/playback
  • Overlays for monitoring critical areas


A revolutionary step in situational awareness, Ultra Electronics’ TacViewC2 software creates a highly accurate visualization of the battlefield at any level. Using an open interface, the TacViewC2 software is interoperable with virtually any data source. Taking full advantage of today’s widescreen and multiple displays, the TacViewC2 software displays as many as 10,000 real-time tracks on a moving map. Its multi-layer map capability automatically provides increased detail on zoom in. Detail is added or removed using simple declutter controls.

A Software Developer’s Toolkit (SDK) is available to allow the TacViewC2 software to be used with a host system other than the Air Defense System Integrator (ADSI) ® system. Instead of writing code to provide a rich set of features, Ultra uses XML files to define nearly all aspects of the system configuration. From the interface to tracks to font displays to tactical data link information, the TacViewC2 software can be modified significantly without changing a single line of code.

System specifications


  • Minimum: 2 GB RAM
  • Recommended: 4 GB

CPU speed

  • Minimum: 2 GHZ
  • Recommended: 2 GHz Intel core architecture, newer or equivalent

Free hard-disk drive space

  • Minimum: 10 GB
  • Recommended: Minimum or higher

Display resolution

  • Minimum: 1024 × 768
  • Recommended: Minimum or higher

Operating system

  • Minimum: Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3, Windows Installer 3.1, MSXML 6.0 and DirectX 8
  • Recommended: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7


  • Minimum: 128 MB video memory
  • Recommended: Discrete graphics accelerator with 256 MB video memory. Maximum texture size of 2048 pixels or greater. Support for WGL_ARB_pbuffer extension

System attributes

  • Wide-screen and multiple monitor support
  • Displays 10,000 tracks
  • Dockable windows
  • Dimming controls for all raster and vector maps
  • Declutter function allows map features and tactical objects to be independently toggled on
    or off
  • Runs on Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems
  • Includes vector and raster maps
  • Includes world-wide terrain data
  • Fully object-oriented
  • Sub-pixel accuracy on all coordinates

Mapping functions

  • Vector map types supported:
    • Digest VPF
    • Vmap 0,1,2
    • DFAD
  • Raster map types supported:
    • GeoTiff
  • Terrain data types supported:
    • DTED/DMED 0,1,2
  • Moving map features:
    • North up or heading up
    • Airborne
    • DAFOF-tabbed
    • Maritime
    • S57 AML/END
  • Multiple map projection types:
    • Cylindrical
    • Conic
    • Stereographic
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