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Tactical data link and C2 software built for users

Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI)® operators will recognize how we have implemented their recommendations in the next generation of ADSI® software, Version 15. The user interface is finally easy to use, intuitive and more responsive.

Version 15 operational advantages allow warfighters to:

  • Create, change or delete data links on-the-fly without bringing the ADSI system down
  • Support up to 32 data link interfaces and 16,000 tracks
  • Send engagement orders and mission assignments using the TacViewC2™ real-time display
  • View the data link network architecture graphically to see architecture problems immediately and make changes easily
  • Quickly initialize a MIDS terminal and enter the network using the MIDS Control Wizard
  • Monitor and manage all your data links and control the system, all from one easy-to-read System Manager window
  • Minimize your data link architecture for a cleaner SA picture by using TacViewC2 and V15 hand-in-hand; with TacViewC2 software you can distribute Situational Awareness in real time and not have to add gateways to your architecture and increase the size of your OPTASKLINK
  • Manage tracks using TacViewC2’s leading-edge display, enhanced 3D visualization

As we provide more information to our user community about the upcoming Version 15 rollout, feel free to continue to send us your feedback and recommendations. Our industry-leading Agile development methods allow us to rapidly respond to customers’ operational needs.

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